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Today’s dynamic and complex energy marketplace requires informed and innovative solutions. 


 Northeast Energy Solutions LLC and their affiliates are comprised of a  group of electric utility and natural gas experts with over 100 years of experience in  the electric utility industry, including executive and management  leadership.  

Our experience ranges over all areas of an electric  utility, including generation/power supply, transmission, distribution,  marketing, rate design, regulatory, and corporate finance.  We also have  extensive New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) and New England Independent  System Operator (ISO-NE) involvement for over the last 40+ years and Northern Maine Independent System Administrator (NMISA) over the last 16+ years.   Additionally, we have in-depth experience and knowledge of regional  power supply/generation/natural gas markets in the Northeast US and Canada.   

We are  dedicated to assisting cooperative/municipal utilities, generation  owners and developers, commercial and industrial businesses,  non-regulated marketers, independent system operators/administrators,  and regulated utilities.  Northeast Energy Solutions is a licensed  Competitive Energy Provider (CEP) in Maine.  

Areas of Expertise and Services Provided





  Forward Capacity Market

Operating Reserves
  Forward Reserve Market


Renewable Attributes

Utility Planning and Operations


ISO/Regulatory Issues



Purchase and Sale

Pipeline Rate Cases

Regulatory Issues

(Northeast US and Canada)

Advisory and Consulting Services Provided

  • Purchase and Sale of Power Supply (Wholesale and Retail). 
  • Retail Energy Supply Optimization 
  • Self Generation Feasibiltity and Rate Deferral Assessments 
  • Moving Power Supply Between Regions in Northeast US and Canada. 
  • Energy Risk Management. 
  • Generation and Transmission Asset Assessments (Detailed Financial/Economic Valuation, Feasibility, Regulatory/ISO/T&D Issues). 
  • Renewable Energy Development (Transmission Interconnection, Regulatory/ISO/T&D Issues, Financial Evaluation, and Power Marketing/Optimizing). 
  • Generation Optimization (Fuel Procurement, Operation, Transmission, ISO/T&D/Regulatory Issues). 
  • Transmission Interconnection with T&D Entities. 
  • Purchase and Sale of Natural Gas. 
  • Billing Verification and Analysis for Customers (T&D, Power Supply, ISO). 
  • Rate Design Development or Analysis (T&D and Power Supply). 
  • Regulatory Support for Clients. 
  • T&D and Generation Performance Benchmarking. 

NES Associates and Affiliates

Calvin W. Bell

Mr. Bell has over 26 years of experience in the electric utility industry with an indepth focus on finance, power supply, and the northeast US and Canadaian power and natural gas marketplace.  Mr. Bell began his industry career with Bangor Hydro-Electric Company (BHE) as a power supply planning analyst and progressed to its Director of Energy Risk Management.  He was a member of the Company’s Strategic Management Team, comprised of approximately 15 of the company’s senior managers and executives.  During his tenure at BHE, he was heavily involved in planning and managing a diverse $100 million annual electricity power supply portfolio.  Mr. Bell negotiated power supply contracts valued at several hundred million dollars for BHE’s customers. Mr. Bell was also extensively involved in various projects of significant financial importance to the Company, including refinancing the company’s debt, being a principle member of the team that successfully renegotiated four power purchase contracts which reduced Bangor Hydro’s costs by over $100 million, preparing financial analyses of the future financial viability of Maine Yankee, and preparing financial analyses to determine the economic feasibility of various company assets (T&D, Generation, Power Supply, Natural Gas, Telecom). Mr. Bell also developed and managed the Company’s fuel risk management program, which utilized over-the-counter derivatives and creative contract terms to mitigate the impacts fuel price volatility and generating unit performance risks.  Mr. Bell provided regulatory support and testified at the MPUC on behalf of the Company during rate cases and the aforementioned projects.  In 2002 Mr. Bell transitioned to BHE’s unregulated affiliate, Emera Energy Services Inc. (EES) as its Director of Power Marketing/Origination.  Mr. Bell was a founding member of EES and responsible for the establishment/expansion of EES’ power and natural gas business in the Northeast United States and Canada, which included training the traders on the Northeast marketplace, negotiating energy management and tolling agreements, purchase and sale of gas/power supply, moving energy between regions, as well as identifying and facilitating new business opportunities in the Northeast United States and Canada.  Mr. Bell has been actively involved in the restructuring of the industry and has an indepth knowledge of ISO-NE’s market rules and operating procedures.  He was a member of the New England Power Pool’s Markets Committee for over 10 years, as well as the NYISO and PJM Markets Committees for 3 years.  From 2008 to the present Mr. Bell has assisted cooperative utililties, municipal utilities, standard offer suppliers, generators, renewable developers, commercial and industrial end use customers, and the Northern Maine Independent System Administrator.  Services provided to these clients include, but are not limited to, procurement of retail electricity supply, successful awards to supply standard offer service, generation values assessments, electric rate cases, natural gas rate cases, regulatory issues, transmission and power system assessments/studies. These successful initiatives have provided over $100 million of enhanced the value to our clients.    

Carroll R. Lee

Mr. Lee is former President and Chief Operating Officer of Bangor Hydro-Electric Company, Maine’s 2nd largest electric utility.  He has 43 years of electric utility experience, of which he spent 32 years working for Bangor Hydro-Electric Company holding various positions ranging from system operations, engineering, planning and power supply areas and completing his career as President and Chief Operating Officer.  During this period of time Mr. Lee was responsible for customer services, marketing, engineering, construction and power supply, and ultimately the overall operations at Bangor Hydro.  During his tenure with Bangor Hydro Mr. Lee led many significant initiatives, including the efforts to buy out and restructure several power purchase agreements with a capital commitment of over $200 million which resulted in over $100 million of savings to customers.  In addition, he successfully led the effort to implement a plan to freeze electric rates for up to 5 years.  Mr. Lee was also a long-term member of the Board of Directors of Maine Yankee (1979-1999), Maine’s only nuclear power plant and likely the most successful commercial venture in the state’s history, and effectively managed the difficult process of the project’s shutdown at the end of its economic operational life.  As part of electric utility restructuring, Mr. Lee successfully managed the divestiture and sale of Bangor Hydro’s generation portfolio to PPL, as well as the sale of Bangor Hydro itself to Emera Inc.  During his years of employment in the industry, Mr. Lee also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Bangor Hydro (1990-2002) and the Maine Electric Power Company (1980-2002).  In addition, Mr. Lee participated actively in regional power pool matters, including serving many years on the NEPOOL Operations committee (two years as Chairman), the NEPOOL Planning committee, and the NEPOOL Executive committee.  Mr. Lee testified at the Maine Public Utilities Commission and at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on many occasions.  Mr. Lee has been an energy consultant since 2002.  His clients include generation developers, existing large generation projects, cooperative/municipal utilities, T&D companies, and end users.  Mr. Lee's expertise and efforts have enhanced the value of NES's clients by over $100 million.  

SGC Engineering

NES has an affiliation and working relationship with SGC Engineering, LLC.  SGC is a multidisciplinary engineering firm serving clients from the US Mid-Atlantic States through New England. SGC deploys advanced technology to provide cost-effective land surveying services and engineered solutions for power transmission and distribution facilities, commercial and residential site developments, stormwater management, water and wastewater treatment, and construction management.  SGC provides comprehensive engineering, environmental, construction management and survey services to clients requiring responsive and professional services to meet their immediate and long-term business goals. SGC is known for its consistent delivery of responsive, attentive service. To meet clients' objectives, SGC works successfully with state and federal environmental agencies, municipal boards, communities, planners and code enforcement staff.  SGC has offices across Maine and Vermont.

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